Monday, April 02, 2012

1940 Census images showing up

Cannot sleep! Heading out for the Official Opening of the #1940 US Census at NARA (Archives I). But sleepless genealogists were rewarded by's news:

" took delivery of the 1940 census from the National Archives at 12:01 a.m. on April 2, 2012. Currently we are in the process of loading all 3.8 million census images online. Once an image is online, you can browse it to see the information included on that page. When all images are uploaded, you’ll be able to browse by enumeration district (see below for more information) to find your family’s neighborhood." Source:

The page says Nevada is complete thus far, though Guam, Delaware, DC,  Indiana, Maine, and Rhode Island are images are beginning to show up. Ancestry plans to keep the 1940 free through 2013. has a dedicated 1940 Census page, but no images yet. has no 1940 images in the queue at this point.

National Archives Launches 1940 Census April 2 Online at where the images will always be free. 
The LIVE webcast of Opening Event begins at 8:30 A.M. EDT. Our taxi will arrive in 30 minutes as there is no trusting the metro system today with my wheelchair. Follow the 1940 Census on Twitter (using hashtag #1940census), Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and YouTube, and subscribe to our blogs: NARAtions and Prologue: Pieces of History
Join Ol' Myrt in the 1940 Census Images and Indexing Update Webinar .

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  1. Delaware is now live on Other states will be coming online soon. Next will Virginia and Kansas.

  2. Myrt -

    I got various tweets from various services overnight - it appeared they all got delivery at about midnight eastern time. Could it be they are waiting until NARA's official opening to put their's online since that is when NARA announced they would be available. Guess another hour or so we'll know.

  3. The National Archives promised but did not deliver. Someone tell me why someone at the Archives should not be fired.

  4. What a farce! I have yet to hear from anyone here on the West Coast who's been able to access any actual images on the NARA site. Ancestry, yes; NARA, no. Guess we should have believed Dick Eastman instead of you, ol' Myrt.

  5. Have not seen one solitary image yet. This was bungled big time, they could not possibly have enough servers to service the entire US, but hyped it up endlessly in the lead up. Idiotic beyond description.

  6. I'm giving up for now. I tried this morning from 9:00-9:30 AM EDT and again at 3:45 PM. It has been loading now for about 5 minutes.

    I was able to easily locate the EDs for my grandparents this morning, thanks to Steve Morse's wonderful work. Nice to see his work acknowledged at the opening session this morning.

    Jan in Michigan

  7. This is truly unbelievable. What was the hype about? I'm embarrassed for us all. Who thought that promoting the 1940 Census and then not delivering anything usable would be a good idea?

    Two hours later and the pages I need still won't load. Not one single usable source so far.

    Disappointed in Seattle