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#1940Census Day 2 webinar is in the archives

It seems Mike at worked late last night to process the recording of last night's 1940 US Census Images and Indexing Webinar. Ol' Myrt here just checked and finds it now in the queue at:

A BIG thanks to Mike and Bruce at RootsMagic for sponsoring these webinars each night this week in their larger capacity "room". Some were turned away from last night's event as their emails remind me. Be sure to arrive early tonight to be assured of getting a seat. You can do some indexing while you wait!

Speaking of indexing, it was a joy to interview Bree, the 6th grader who is currently indexing some 1940 Colorado census images. In prep for our interview yesterday, I asked if her friends were also indexing. She told me that a flyer had been passed around telling the girls in her youth group about joining the effort. I am sure she will tell them how fun it is to decipher the cryptic old handwriting and submit a batch. By the way, this granddaughter of mine is no slouch, her accuracy rate is 96%. Results of arbitration are coming back on one of the tabs on the right side of your FamilySearch Indexing screen.

Also joining us for this webinar is Judy Russell of The Legal Genealogist blog to discuss some odd comments coming through on CNET about right to privacy and the 1940 census.  How I wish these commentators were more interested in facts and less interested in attempting to raise a ruckus. Thanks for setting the record straight, Judy. Reference:  The census' broken privacy promise.

We also had a visit with Dan Lynch, author of Google Your Family Tree and Google+ for Genealogy. He told us about his "census day" in Washington, DC on Monday where FamilySearch had arranged for about 30 media interviews. Dan explained that aside from doing their "jobs" the main stream press expressed interest in family history, speaking of grandparents and others they hoped to find in the 1940 census. Here's a pic of Dan with our very own media man, Dick Eastman, from a video interview found at the Google Your Family Tree website.

Of particular interest is last night's detailed slide presentation from the team of Steve Morse and Joel Weintraub discussing the One Step Enumeration District Finder Tools. They also explained how the US Census Folder of tools at will assist researchers even after an every-name index is created. One thing I'd like to do is check to see who was living in my house in 1940 - a peculiar but interesting suggestion from one of the attendees.

We also heard from Amy Johnson Crow that the NARA 1940 site had 100 servers available on day one, and yesterday 170 servers were working to make the images available to inquiring minds. Several major refinements to the site were made yesterday to accommodate the unprecedented number of visitors. According to feedback among webinar attendees, researchers are having better luck downloading single pages and entire enumeration districts than was experienced the day before.Bravo!

Jim Ericson focused on, and discussed some of the projects in the queue. This is the site where you download software and can take on the challenge to assist in this massive indexing collaboration sponsored by, and

Join us again tonight to discover more about the process. Ol' Myrt here will be demonstrating the 1940 census user interface which I find particularly useful. 

The registration info for the webinar is available at:

Happy family tree climbing!
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