Thursday, April 05, 2012

#1940Census webinar: Plans for tonight

DEMO is the name of the game at tonight's webinar. Aware of your positive feedback when we demo specific websites, we've decided we're going to do more live demos during tonight's webinar. 

First we'll delve into the collaborative 1940 census indexing project. Jim Ericson will demo a 1940 census page live, so you can see what it looks like from an indexers point of view, including where to find the feedback about your "success rate." He'll then switch to arbitrator mode to demo how an arbitrator finds, reviews and decides how to proceed with the appropriate entry. Jim will be happy to answer your burning questions about the indexing process during this portion of tonight's webinar.

Regarding the census itself, Ol' Myrt here will give the promised live demo of the 1940 census images. I've seen a lot of positive feedback about this site that managed to beat the other commercial websites by getting all the images up by early yesterday morning. Join in the discussion. Perhaps you've tried an option that I haven't considered?

Steve Morse and Joel Weintraub from the 1940 Census One Step will be on hand to discuss two points important points.
  • The 1930 to 1940 ED converter at One Step
  • Connie Jeremiah's question about what to do when a specific address isn't found in the ED "assigned". 
By the way, as a followup to last night's live demo, the New York Public Library online 1940 City Directory site has experienced issues with folks using older versions of Internet Explorer to browse the pages. The NYPL staff is aware of the situation and steps are being taken to remedy the situation. All reports are good with the use of other web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

We've done a fair amount sharing of individual "finds" in the census, pairing with family photos and noting challenges (read that possible errors) in the census ). Now we'll move into how to file and cite the 1940 census images. This has been a big topic of discussion on the APG (Association of Professional Genealogy) Members Mailing List and on the Transitional Genealogists Mailing List. This discussion will most likely spill over into tomorrow night's last 1940 census update webinar session.

Finally, Rebecca Warlow from NARA and Amy Johnson Crow from will be attending to demo the NARA 1940 census image site live. More functionality has been added that we all need to know about.

6pm Pacific US time
Thanks to RootsMagic for sponsoring our webinar sessions each night this week.

For a broader discussion of citation including samples, please see Elizabeth Shown Mill's new website: .You can learn much here, in addition to the new option to order digital versions of her book and Quick Sheets. (YES!)

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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