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Archived Webinar: 1940 Census WHAT to do with it?

Rick had it right -- you could hear Ol 'Myrt here beaming with pride as my daughter Carrie, of the Not Your Mother's Genealogy blog, debuted as a presenter during last night's 1940 Census: Now that I've Got it, WHAT Do I Do With It? webinar. See below for the "KICKER" as I learned a thing or two about effectively sharing info with my family members. 

If you missed it last night, I have set up a brand-new archives to hold this and future webinars.

1940 Census: Now that I've Got it, WHAT Do I Do With It?

Carrie Keele
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This webinar is in .mp4 format and can be viewed by Windows Media Player, iTunes and most other media players. Tech support has advised me of this free program that will also play the downloaded webinars.

Ol' Myrt took everyone through the process of locating an image in the 1940 Census at the official Archives.gov website. We discussed downloading an entire enumeration district, or just a single page. There was discussion about using free photo editing software to also make a zoomed in and cropped view of a family group including SnagIt and Paint among others.

We saved the file, giving it a more understandable name. I like this naming scheme:


the "______________" stands for the roll number found in the original file name.

We then opened my RootsMagic 5, created an event for the 1940 census and attached the image to my grandfather Shirley Player. Noted were variances in abbreviated forms for the locality known as Seattle, King, Washington. There was also a discussion about how events are sorted by date, not the alpha order of the event title. We talked about the adaptability of genealogy software to be used in a variety of ways by individual users. I mentioned the upcoming Creating a 1940 Census Citation Webinar that RootsMagic is offering on the 17th of April.

We toured live a bit of Elizabeth Shown Mills' New Website, where Ol' Myrt obtained a .pdf version of her book Evidence Explained, 2nd Edition: https://www.evidenceexplained.com

Russ Worthington
My cousin Russ Worthington shared his thinking behind using his custom Excel Worksheet to extract info about household members in the 1940 census. He is the author of A Worthington Blog, the FamilyTree Maker User Blog and is co-founder of the BetterGEDCOM Project. You may contact Russ for permission to view and save his Excel worksheet via Google Docs.

He also mentioned several blog posts about how he has worked through issues with the 1940 census, specifically using Family Tree Maker 2012.

Russ also mentioned:
It's important to note that we each take transcribing and analysis of info a bit differently. For some, it is writing things down in long hand on a form, for Russ it's using a digital worksheet.

GenealogyDoug shared that Legacy Family Tree has a 1940 template built in. He also pointed us to the Navigating the new Census Tools Webinar in the archive at http://legacyfamilytree.com/Webinars.asp 

At 68:57 (min:sec) into the webinar we begin with Carrie's segment about attaching photos to Google Maps, including creating a family Google Map. The example she showed is what she developed about Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, where our 1940 Census family of Shirley and Myrtle Player resided. 

Carrie Keele's new blog www.NotYourMothersGenealogy.com

Be sure to see Carrie's follow-up blog post titled Using a Custom Google Map to Share Your Genealogy.  And view our map live at Myrt & Carrie's Family History. She even discussed using the "line drawing" option to create a self-guided tour to various family locations including two schools, two homes and the cemetery where Shirley and Myrtle now rest.

When Carrie told me she was working through Google Maps to find the address in the 1940 census for the Player family in Seattle, I sent her pictures I had of everything up on Queen Anne Hill, or so I thought. When she reviewed her work, I realized just giving her the tombstones of Shirley and Myrtle Player wasn't enough. I had forgotten about the picture I took a few months before Dad died, where he and his brother and sister stood at their parents' grave sites. 

The tombstones were cool enough, but I also needed to share that
family pic at the cemetery.
So even as an experienced genealogist, I see there is more to share than I realize. 

Two weeks out from the debut of the 1940 census images finds many genealogists have downloaded the images, but are still in the process of attaching the images to ancestors in their genealogy programs, transcribing data and citing the source of the image. In Carrie's case, she relates on a different level to all things 1940 including old-timey pics, and where things mentioned then may appear on a current map, Google to be specific.

Happy family tree climbing!
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