Friday, April 06, 2012

#DearMYRTLE #1940census webinar tonight

So what's with those "#" marks on my blog posts of late? They are called "hash tags" over on Twitter. Increasingly, more genealogy communication is going on over there.

In fact, I'd like tonight's webinar attendees to use the #DearMYRTLE to post comments and questions via Twitter for two reasons:

1. I've got my cousin Russ Worthington and my daughter Carrie watching #DearMYRTLE to help Ol' Myrt keep on top of your questions during the webinar itself.

2. Because the tweets outlive the time frame of the webinar, additional comments among attendees and presenters can occur to get those questions answered.

It took talking with my daughter to incorporate this better use of Twitter into my webinar plans. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before.



@DearMYRTLE is my "name" over on Twitter, and you can follow all my tweets there. (I use TweetDeck, others prefer Hootsuite to organize my Twitter into columns.)

#DearMYRTLE can be read by anyone, and can continue the conversation.

Why not use #1940Census since that is our topic during tonight's webinar?
Ol' Myrt here wants to hear first from YOU, my dear webinar attendees, and not the other 2 million who are searching the census and reporting their successes via Twitter using #1940Census.

Why not just use the GoToWebinar "Questions" option to send questions to staff as we have been doing for years?

You certainly may continue to do this. However, once the webinar is over, those questions are confined to a file that I'd have to search. Ol' Myrt here simply cannot answer everything personally.  Others may already know the answer to your question, and can do so once they see your post over on on Twitter's #DearMYRTLE. 

We've had four glorious evenings learning more about navigating the 1940 census on various websites, determining the enumeration district to narrow our search without an every-name index, and how to participate in the collaborative effort to index those images. 

For our last night of this webinar series, we're planning:
  • Juliana Szucs Smith - demo's new image viewer. (You can rotate the image!)
  •'s 1940 Census is integrated with the ED Finder from
  • Russ Worthington - What to do with what you are finding. (file saving, extracting info, citing your sources)
  • A demo of Elizabeth Shown Mills new Evidence Explained website.
  • Rebecca Warlow, NARA Information Services
  • Amy Johnson Crow,
  • Update on 1940 census indexing thus far.
As always we thank RootsMagic for hosting this webinar series, and for maintaining the archived versions at Last night's session is in the queue!

Registration for tonight's webinar is automatic, if you attended earlier sessions this week. Otherwise, newbie attendees may register by visiting

Ol' Myrt here will open the "doors" at 5:45pm Pacific US time, and beginning the webinar promptly at 6pm.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Love it! When you ask questions via twitter, your question can be viewed by everyone (cuts down on duplicate questions). And questions can be answered off air (since there is not always time to answer all of the questions LIVE). Great work Mom!!

  2. Wasn't able to watch live; using the links to watch on my laptop. No image available on #4 episode after Jeff takes control. Just black screen in Win Media Player. Just FYI. But these webinars are great, so thank you. I'm a Canadian who is indexing to "pay it forward" too.