Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Legacy Road: Offering help to frustrated family historians

Many moons ago, I met Jay from Legacy Road Communications at a Family History Expo in St. George, as our exhibit hall booths were situated across the aisle from each other. During the few quiet breaks, we began talking, and since then I've followed his career and his relationship with his cat. (Facebook does come in handy for things like cat-tales.)

Aside from being a gifted writer, Jay is inventive. He's branching out to offer a new service of particular interest for genealogists - Private Printings: The Gift of Legacy.

When Jay approached me about this project, I was jazzed, because ultimately genealogists want to publish a personal history.  We quickly get stymied, worried about how to compose chapters and questioning just how to word things. And then there are the headaches of figuring out how to actually publish the darn thing.

My friend Jay will help you with all that stuff. He writes:
Maybe you've heard the term "private printing." It's a tradition that gives you a book of your own, personally written just for you. It's a limited printing, just enough copies for you and your family and selected friends. And it's all under your control.

If you have a soft spot for books and love all the favorite family tales, then you'll want to have your stories collected in your own privately printed, hardbound volume.

You must have questions, so get in touch for a no-charge consultation. Tell him Ol' Myrt sent you. (No, I don't get a kick-back, I just want you to know about this service.)
Jay Speyerer

Legacy Road Communications
Immediate Past President, National Speakers Association-Pittsburgh
Twitter: @jayspeyerer

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