Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cool tech tools for computer projection

Ol' Myrt here is still thinking about our trip to Topeka, Kansas, where the Topeka Genealogical Society put us up in a fine Hyatt hotel. Of particular interest was a hookup for my computer built into the wall ledge under our room's big screen TV. When Mr. Myrt asked me to show him how to use my Ancestry Member Tree, there was no point in crowding around my tiny (!) 17 inch laptop monitor. Instead we used the hookups as follows. (Remember when a 15 inch monitor was the bomb!?!)

Don't know if the hotel provides the video cable, but I had one for my computer projector and recognized the possibilities right away.

Especially delightful are the oval buttons for switching from TV viewing to computer input, etc. Once I hooked up the VGA cable (with the blue head) between my laptop and this control panel, all I had to do was press the "Computer Input" button next to it for the image to show up on the TV screen. Note the button glows green when it is in use.

This meant I didn't have to fiddle with the TV's input menu and possibly mess it up for the next person.

Admittedly this room was larger, probably business class, so I am not expecting all hotel rooms to  have this sort of technology.

But the idea is something I want to remember when we remodel our home.

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  1. I have used a similar set up in the local community college. Only they had multiple HUGE telies in each room. It was the bomb. Sadly, they don't let us use the building any more. But, it was FAB!