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From Myrt's Facebook wall and Twitter feed

Ol' Myrt here recently mentioned that she is turning to Facebook and Twitter for a great deal of postings that may be of interest to my DearREADERS. This is a decidedly different approach, say, unlike the awesome work of Dick Eastman. When he spotlights the work of others, with individual posts to his blog feed. But this means he has to go through extra work to get those posts - opening up his blogging software, copying and pasting the a paragraph to quote, and providing a link to read the full article for more information.

Technology helps me streamline that process.  I currently use two methods for sharing worthwhile content with my Facebook friends and Twitter peeps - Facebook Like and Zite.

When I "like" a post made elsewhere on the net, using the FACEBOOK LIKE button typically found on the side or the bottom of each page, up pops a window where I can also post comments before adding the reference to that content to my Facebook wall. In the screen shot below, I clicked the "Like" button (circled in red), then typed my comment (in the field marked by the numeral 2). Note that a short few lines from the posting behind the popup window has been reproduced below my comment field (circled in green). All I need to do to post this to my wall is click the "Post to Facebook" button (at point 3). Literally hundreds of thousands of people are sharing content this way with their Facebook friends.

ZITE IS AN APP from the New York Times for mobile devices installed on my iPad. Zite aggregates news articles in a variety of categories and also provides the option to share via Facebook and or Twitter.

Here links to some of the worthwhile posts I've discovered in my travels throughout the Internet. During the last two weeks, I "sent them" to my Facebook friends and Twitter peeps using these two methods. Maybe seeing a list of what didn't "make it" to my blog will inform your decision to friend Ol' Myrt on Facebook or follow Myrt on Twitter? Or maybe you can convince me I should do a periodic "catch up" post like this, to send the info to my blog readers?

Myrt commented: Randy Seaver describes his genealogy work flow. [This is a MUST READ!] via Zite iPad App. Genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news items and commentary, genealogy humor, San Diego genealogy society news, family history research and some family history stories from the keyboard of Randy Seaver (of Chula Vista CA), who thinks that Genealogy Research Is really FUN! 
Myrt commented: Like paleontologists, genealogists must interpret using best available methods. Archaeology: Date with history via Zite iPad App By revamping radiocarbon dating, Tom Higham is painting a new picture of humans' arrival in Europe.
Myrt commented: Swedish cousins found thus researcher because of her genealogy blog! YES! via Zite iPad App
Besides sharing my research with known family members and fellow genealogists, this blog also serves as cousin bait.When someone out there starts the journey to searching for their roots, they usually begin by googling the names of their ancestors.  And I'm so happy when we have a common…
Myrt commented: Great post, Jennifer!

History Colorado Center now open in Denver The talk of the town this weekend has been the grand opening of the History Colorado Center in Denver. Once the Colorado Historical Society, which began its cam
Myrt commented: They even mention genealogy... parish registers. via Zite iPad App Known as "The Nation's Church" because of the famous Revolutionary-era leaders who worshiped here, Christ Church was founded in 1695. It was the first parish of the Church of England (Anglican) in Pennsylvania. It is also the birthplace of the American Episcopal Church.  Talks on the church's rich history...

Myrt commented: Genealogists? Organized? ... via Zite iPad App Whether you’re a student, researcher or engineer, you’ve probably mastered to perfection certain IT tools: PowerPoint, word processing software, electronic messaging. Other, less well known tools exist, each with a specific use.  In research, as in many fields, it is important to organize one’s time…
Myrt commented: An app that controls iPads in the same network during the presentation.  Best Tools for an iPad Presentation via Zite iPad AppNeed to nail a presentation? Here are a few tools you should know about.
Myrt commented: Forcing folks to do only all things Apple? via Zite iPad App
Apple is reportedly rejecting apps for inclusion in its App Store because they use Dropbox's software development kit. PandoDaily reports that developers are complaining about the fact that third-party apps which use Dropbox's software development kit to integrate document storage are being... 
Myrt commented: The French Genealogy Blog: French Graves in India via Zite iPad App. Pondichéry is upon us again! In truth, this happy find of a book covers nearly all of French India. The Last Post : Inscriptions on French Graves in India is a labour of love by K.J.S. Chatrath...
Myrt commented: Cool tools. Boomerang Calendar turns your Google Calendar into what is should have been via Zite iPad App. A few weeks ago when I was at SXSW, I met up with Baydin Software CEO Alex Moore. We talked about upcoming features to the company's amazing Boomerang software, but then Alex showed ...
Myrt commented: Weird possibility. I hate big business and big brother ruling our lives. Just saying... Telia holds Skype hostage, may block VoIP in Sweden via Zite iPad App. Skype may be blocked for use by a wireless provider in the very country one of Skype's founders, Niklas Zennström, is from. Sweden's Telia is reportedly considering a block on Skype's mobile video and VoIP services later this year unless customers pay an additional usage charge.
Myrt commented: Google talking to car companies, suppliers and insurance companies about driverless car rollout. [Does this mean Mr. Myrt and I will have to let the chauffeur go?] Google Talking to car companies, suppliers and insurance companies about driverless car rollout

Myrt commented: [Yikes Dropbox is expen$ive] via Zite iPad App.Which cloud storage services offer apps on what platforms, and which ones offer the best pricing? Ars answers these questions and more.
 Myrt commented: Contains bibliographic data... cool. At least researchers will know what Harvard's 37 libraries have in books, manuscripts, maps, video and audio recordings. Strata Week: Harvard Library releases big data for its books - O'Reilly Radar via Zite iPad App. In this week's data news, Harvard releases millions of library catalog records as part of its Open Metadata Policy, Cloudera unveils the fourth version of its Hadoop distribution, and big data company Splunk has its IPO.
Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. I have "liked" a few links on Facebook, and it has become a huge dog's breakfast - too much unorganized information. There has to be a better way?

  2. ZITE IS AN APP from the New York Times for mobile devices installed on my iPad. Zite aggregates news articles in a variety of categories and also provides the option to share via Facebook and or Twitter. Steal Facebook Passwords