Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Genealogy makes front page news at Washington Post

Yesterday's news is big news, if you ask me. Why? Bernice Bennett and her group meeting regularly on Mondays at the Washington DC Family History Center in Kensington, Maryland caught the attention of a Washington Post reporter and the story went live yesterday. Way to go Bernice!

The result is a marvelous spotlight on genealogy researchers who go the extra mile to discover their ancestors. In this case, they worked through the unindexed 1940 US federal census to find their ancestors.

A central figure in the Washington Post article is Bernice Bennett, whose work I've come to know during the past year. She serves as a volunteer at the Family History Center on Mondays, working with an African American special interest group. To find out more, see:

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  1. Hello DearMYRTLE,

    Thank you so very much for highlighting the article in the Washington Post. We have a great time every Monday and the FHC is a wonderful resource for the entire genealogy community.

    Bernice Bennett