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Fold3 opens ALL digitized War of 1812 records in June

Just read your Blog on the War of 1812 CMSR that are on Fold3. These two are a extremely small portion of the actual CMSR records.  The majority of the CMSR are still in textual form only at NARA. Mississippi is the only state microfilmed.
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Ol' Myrt here is in receipt of email announcement from stating:
 Fold3 will be opening up all of their War of 1812 records to the public for free during June. This is in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the commencement of the war. The collection consists of more than 400,000 images including 233,000 images from the War of 1812 Pension Files never before available online. The following databases provided for free included:

The Pension files that are included are only a small percentage of the entire collection that will eventually be available online. For more information on the War of 1812 Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files, visit

Realizing this is a growing collection, I decided to take a look at what's there thus far including descriptions of the collections and the image counts for each.

War of 1812 Service Records - Lake Erie 

"War of 1812 Service Records for seamen and others serving at Lake Erie Station. Digitized from NARA textual records. "Service records are comprised of cards created from muster, pay, receipt and other rolls for men aboard various vessels attached to the Lake Erie Station during the War of 1812. The information for officers, seamen, ordinary seamen, landsmen, and boys includes name, service dates, terms of service, monthly pay, vessels upon which they served, and notes of interest." 4,111 images, 100% complete


War of 1812 Service Records - Mississippi 

"Compiled service records consist of a jacket-envelope for each soldier, labeled with his name, rank, and unit. The records contain card abstracts created from original muster rolls, payrolls, hospital rolls, and other regimental information. They also contain images of original documents pertaining to a particular soldier." 29,601 images, 100% complete.

Letters Received By The Adjutant General, 1805-1821  

"These are letters received by the Adjutant General's Office during the period 1805-21. Included are a few letters dated after 1821. They are a part of Record Group 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office. The images in this title were digitized from 144 rolls of the NARA microfilm publication, M566. Contents of each roll, as well as a list of significant consolidations of letters under one file year are provided at the end of the descriptive pamphlet for M566. Much of the content on this page has been taken from the DP. It can be viewed or downloaded here."  132,136 images, 99% complete.

War of 1812 Prize Cases, Southern Dist Court, NY 

Per Craig R. Scott, CG: "Prize law is that part of international admiralty law concerning the capture of enemy property at sea during war. Prize courts determine the legality of the capture and the disposition of the ship and its cargo as lawful prizes, usually distributed as shares to the captors. In 1794, the Supreme Court determined that all the powers of a court of admiralty, "both instance and prize," rested in the district courts. In 1812, there were 13 judicial districts, which had been established by the Judiciary Act of 1789.

The state of New York was one of these judicial districts and New York City was the seat of this district court. The Act of April 9, 1814, divided the state into two districts, a northern and a southern district, with a court in each. The seat of the Southern District was New York City, the country’s leading port and commercial center during this period. This court was primarily an admiralty court.

Most of the prize cases in this series of images concern British vessels taken during the War of 1812 by American privateers and US Navy vessels. A privateer is a privately owned ship in the service of the government operating under a letter of marque.

A NARA descriptive pamphlet for this series is available here as a PDF file. However, Fold3 has reordered the material for ease of use and the roll lists in the descriptive pamphlet no longer apply to these files." 12,237 images, 100% complete.

War of 1812 Pension Files 

"The documents in this collection include full pension application files for soldiers and sailors who served in the War of 1812, as well as for their widows and children, or other heirs. The first applications were filed by servicemen who were disabled as a result of their service, or by widows who lost a husband in the war. The descriptive pamphlet for the Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files, M313, published by NARA, provides a great deal of background and explanatory information about the pension files and the acts that provided for them." 233,087 images, 3% complete.

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  1. I am in the process of putting together a presentation on the War of 1812 and this could not come at a better time. My husband's 3rd great grandfather fought along with two of his brothers. It is fascinating to research in this time period.