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ISFHWE writing competition deadline 3 June 2012

Bloggers, newspaper columnists, published authors and genealogy researchers alike should take note: 

There are only a few days left to submit your entries for this year’s International Society of Family History Writers and Editors Excellence-in-Writing competition.  There have been a few changes, so here’s a brief summary:

  • The competition dates have been moved to accommodate entries published late in 2011; the new closing date for the competition is 3 June 2012 (this weekend).
  • The presentation of awards will take place at the FGS Conference in Birmingham (previous years it has been at the NGS Conference).
  • Entry fees may be paid online via PayPal through the website (do not go to your own PayPal account to initiate the transaction – go through our website so we get the correct details).
  • Entries and entry forms are to be submitted electronically, so you don’t need to mail a big packet of information – either download or scan the AS PUBLISHED article and attach to your email to
  • Entry fee is $10.00 per entry for members; $12.50 for non-members.

HURRY – get your entry in before the deadline to be eligible for this year’s awards!

As a reminder, the categories are:

Category I
- Columns. This is for columns published on a regular basis, in any medium, published in 2011. Entries must be shorter than 1,000 words. This category includes blogs.

Category II Articles. These articles must have been published in 2011 in a newspaper, journal, magazine, newsletter, or web site. This is for feature or one-time articles, not part of ongoing columns.  Entries cannot exceed 5,000 words.

Category III - Genealogy Research Story. This category is for original, unpublished articles between 1,000 and 3,000 words. The articles should focus on telling the story of genealogical research using one of these topics: ”The Search for , ” “Sorting Out the Entangled Roots of…, ” or “Encounters with a Family Skeleton.”
Category IV - Want-to-be Writer/Columnist. Entrants in this category aspire to be writers or columnists in the field of genealogy/family or local history. The submissions in this category are original and unpublished, between 500 and 1,000 words.

Category VUnpublished material by published author. This category is for original unpublished articles by previously published authors. The subject should be genealogically-related but NOT one of the subjects in Category III. Entries should be between 500 and 3,000 words.

For full details go to

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