Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missing marriage record

Heaven only knows why I never asked Dad or Blanche about their wedding date. Wonder what kind of genealogist I am? Blanche was more of a kind mother to us, than a step-mother. I was lucky to find my father's copy of this marriage. Here is the transcription:

Series A 249380
Certificate of Marriage
State of Washington
County of ______________ [King]
This is to certify, that the undersigned, a Bishop by authority of a 
license bearing date 19 day of May A. D. 1957 and issued by the County 
Auditorof King, did on the 31 March A. D. 1961 
at the hour of 7pm Seven PM in the county and State aforesaid, join in lawful wedlock 
Glen S. Player of Seattle State of Washington
and Blanche M Bennett of Bellevue State of Washington with
their mutual assent in the presence of Don C Wood JR and Norma Carter witnesses.

In testimony Whereof, witness the Signatures of the parties to said ceremony, the witnesses and myself 
this 3rd March (Third) day of MArch A. D. 1961.

Don C Wood Jr. (signature)
Norma C. Carter (signature)
Glen S. Player, male (signature)
Blanche M. Bennett, female (signature)

Officiating Clergyman or Officer:
Nelson A. Snow
PO Address: 10524 NE 28 Pl
Bellevue, Washington
This Certificate to be given to contracting parties.

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