Monday, June 25, 2012

Scan while you still can

Black, fire-ravaged mountains blight the skyline south of our Utah home, owing to a careless, man-made brush fire that extends over 5,000 acres this past week. Mr. Myrt and I were under a forced evacuation order, taking shelter with one of my daughters in the next county.


Mr. Myrt packed everything of value -- family photos, two circa 1850s bibles, and other items in the Ford F150. He remembered medication, computers, iPads and such with his usual efficiency, all whilst I was herding seven busy grandchildren some 3 hours to the north. Once outside the police barricade, Gordon took this pic. Our home is just out of range to the right in his picture below.

Winds carried the smoke and soot at least as Sue Maxwell's house some 35 miles to the north.

Advice on our return to the home yesterday was "don't unpack or settle in" but await further announcements. Anxious eyes check and recheck those mountains, awaiting the day the fire is completely contained. From time to time a "hot spot" breaks forth sending forth billows of smoke to be carried by our higher than normal winds directly into our homes and businesses.

Today things started out quieter, but this afternoon the wind has picked up considerably and smoke is once again beginning to show up about two ridges south of us. Air quality in our homes is less than desirable, but we're managing.

I cannot tell you how timely our "week of genealogy scanning" has become. Carrie joins me late tonight so we will have a fresh start in the morning. She and the kids will stay a week, as we plow through the notebooks using three scanners and a digital camera. Wish I could just ship everything off to across the lake. (sigh)

Don't wait for the next man-made or natural disaster in your area to decide to get those photos and documents scanned. Do it now! Ol' Myrt here got a reprieve, but some folks haven't been as fortunate.

And yes, I am putting everything in Dropbox.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Astonishing that you can take the time out of this very stressful situation to help the rest of us learn. You are amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Scan on! I hope all of this becomes a scary lesson and it does not escalate into a worse scenario.

  2. Good luck!! I'll keep fingers and toes crossed that the fire is contained soon!

  3. Stay safe, Myrt! Hope the fires subside completely. And thanks for the timely words of wisdom. So glad I scanned some of my brother's pictures this spring--his house is in the area of Florida hit by Tropical Storm Debby. You just never know.

  4. I have several thumb drives with my digitized photos and documents in my emergency escape bag. It's a wonderful sense of peace knowing they're handy. I need to send another set of documents to my relatives who don't live near me as a secondary backup. I know you use but I'm not comfortable with my records on the internet. That's just me. Others can do as they wish. I just thought I'd share where else someone can stash their files 'in case of emergency.' Besides, it's a whole lot easier to transport a few thumb drives rather than a book shelf or filing cabinet of artifacts. So glad you're sharing this motivating story. And, be safe.

  5. Good advice. Good luck to you and family.

  6. Great advice. I participated in Scanfest this Sunday for the first time, the next day our 75-year old apartment was hit by lightening, incredibly there was no fire, but I know that I really have to get moving to make sure our documents and photos are preserved - and I was planning to post about it later today.

  7. Stay safe, Myrt and family! The rain can't come soon enough.

  8. So scary! Stay safe! Thanks for the great reminder to scan our precious family photos and documents.