Monday, July 09, 2012

Scanning Day 1 Video

You asked for it -- here is the first of several videos captured during our marathon genealogy scanning project last week. Good thing we didn't have internet, except with our cell phones, as that kept us off the 'net and busy with the dusty old family bibles, ancestral photos and tons of papers from my father's genealogy stash.

Somehow we managed to keep two scanners going pretty much full time. A third scanner just wasn't fast enough. We just used our scanner, printer, copier scanners, nothing special. Our scanning criteria was to:
  • save routine things in 150dpi .jpg
  • save photos in 300dpi .jpg
  • save special photos in 1200dpi .tif
I thought I could keep two scanners going, by having one on my kitchen island, and one on the buffet. But my back soon balked at the very thought, and I settled into my recliner, and made better sense of the project. Here's the YouTube video of day one.

I finally decided to throw away my old 4x6 inch index cards, as I had long ago typed everything in to my genealogy management program. Otherwise:

  • I created piles of photos for each of my three daughters, and my siblings. In this way I could return the photos they had sent and the letters they had written to Dad and Blanche over the years.
I was very touched at all Dad had saved. I am even more convinced that he was a teddy bear at heart, as these sentimental things meant so much to him.

This is the direct link to DearMYRTLE Scanning Day 1 with Carrie Keele

Alternately, right click the link below and select 'Save As...' or just click to save the file to your computer.

Special thanks to my daughter Carrie Keele of the Not Your Mother's Genealogy Blog for scanning and video assistance.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Scanning is very tedious, but it feels so good when a big batch has been completed. On a different note, I hope your house survived the fires!!