Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scanning Day 5 - Part 1

Ol' Myrt shares the Charles Switzer and Eliza (Wasden) Weiser family bible along with some family stories including information about the Twin Falls, Idaho "truck farm" Eliza ran to keep her family afloat while Charles was "away". There is a bit of a mystery yet to solve, as the bible is inscribed on the front cover 1889, yet the marriage record says they were married in 1883.

    Special thanks to my daughter Carrie Keele of the Not Your Mother's Genealogy Blog for scanning and video assistance.

    Happy family tree climbing!
    Myrt     :)
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    1. I am enjoying immensely your video series on scanning your family records. Watching and listening is not only making ideas on the actual preservation of pieces come to mind, but having your daughter share this experience gives another dimension. Besides, your timing couldn't be more perfect. I am recovering from two broken arms. Sooooo, watching genea-related videos, podcasts and webinars is keeping me sane. Double thanks. I am storing up ideas for my blog and website.

      1. Gosh, I hope you feel better soon, Nancy. Two arms? Guess you don't do anything half-way, eh?
        Myrt :)