Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ideas for the 2012 Share a Memory Contest

Wondering what to submit for the 2012 Share a Memory Contest? This is an example of what I could share. Unfortunately, my daughter Carrie says I cannot enter, since I am one of the judges.

During the Instagram for Genealogists webinar, Carrie said "Instagram is a quirky way to share your life."

Ol' Myrt here wants to share stories of my ancestors, but yes, in a quirky way.

This was my first attempt at sending more than a simple picture to Instagram, an app for iPhones and Android smart phones. I used some old timey pictures on my iPhone with the DipTic app choosing this three segment layout. You can just drag the pic around, zoom in or out, until things look OK. I also chose the rounded border for both outside and inside the box:

But I wanted to add a label, so at least we'd know who I was focusing on at this point -- my father's grandmother -- Eliza Marie (Wasden) Weiser. I liked the style of the label, below, but didn't like the angled label. I used the LabelBox app for iPhone below:

Grace, Myrtle, Eliza and Pearl.
Eliza and her three daughters.

So I re-did the label, as shown below. Looks better in my estimation.

Eliza, her house in Twin Falls, Idaho and her three daughters.

But since only one of my daughters is on Instagram at this time, I'll do much better "getting the word out" of I use this third graphic to spruce up a blog post about this ancestor. 


FB - EVENT: 2012 "Share a Memory" Contest - a great place to put the link to your contest entry, though you can certainly send it through Instagram or Twitter. Look here for the official rules.

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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