Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Scanning Project Summary

Ol' Myrt here and my daughter Carrie talk about the "week that was" where we scanned nearly six hours a day attempting to get through my father-dad's collected papers. We learned a lot in the process, and hope that others will feel inspired to FINALLY get things digitized and stored in multiple places. 

Going through the wildfire evacuation at our Utah house only puts genealogy document and artifact preservation and digitization efforts into perspective. We are so thankful we didn't lose our home as have so many during this difficult drought.

In this video we discuss dividing up some of the original papers to share with my siblings and children. There is no point in me keeping all the originals. And we explore the possibilities of Google Goggle, don't giggle!

Featuring Carrie Keele, my genealogy blogging daughter at Witness her official "You are now a genealogist" ceremony! 

Happy family tree climbing!
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