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2nd American Civil War Blog Challenge

Over the years, Ol' Myrt here has written about her Union Civil War ancestors, and I'd like to share these links once again. I continue to learn more about these men, and their service units as I familiarize myself with not only enlistment, service and pension files, but medical records during service and records from the "old soldiers homes" where William and Tolbert resided from time to time.

WILLIAM GIST FROMAN's Civil War Pension File #8424237/Company D Division 3 Provisional Enrolled, Missouri Militia contains:
  1. Marriage Certificate (certified) Louise Higgins and William Gist Froman, 30 June 1897, Clinton County, Missouri.
  2. References to William G. Froman's first marriage to Mary Sherrard, and children of issue.
  3. Proof of Lowell S. Froman as oldest son.

Louisa, William and Lowel Froman

My post What's age got to do with it? posted in 2008, focused on the strange tale of my ancestress who claimed to marry Union Veteran William Gist FROMAN when she was 14 years of age. While it is true Louisa Mae Higgins married William, the question of her age at the time is up for dispute. My blog post discusses whether or not she was 39 or 45 years younger than her spouse. Since I published that blog post, I discovered an obituary, and subsequently obtained a death certificate which also indicate she would only have been 39 years younger than William. See: Finding the date of last Thursday and six other challenges and Getting the big picture.

My photo from the "cemetery on the hill" at Cedar, Kansas.

TOLBERT HIGGINS' Civil War Pension Application #599-029, Certificate #549.430 indicates he served in Company F, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, commonly known as Merrill's Horse. Rank In: Private; Rank Out: Private. I've previously written about this gentleman in my posts:

And while I don't have a picture of the man, I do have a description of him from his service files, and wrote about it in Treasure Chest Thursday - Higgin's description.


My photo taken at Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Iowa.


WILLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS. His understanding of the Virginia/Pennsylvania/Maryland state lines not withstanding, please note my 2great-grandfather William Henry Phillips fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. The US Civil War Pension file of William Phillips, Certificate #243464, Co K 19th Indiana Volunteers contains William's affidavit that "said affects of rheumatism and disease of liver was contracted after the [illegible] battle of Gettysburg in the state of Virginia about Aug 1863, caused by exposure incident to the marching and campaign after said battle of Gettysburg which battle was fought July 4, 1863." The file also contains a certified copy of the certificate of marriage with Louisa Terry 6 Aug 1874. William indicates his first wife was Sarah Pugh, and mentions two additional daughters, Calley [Phillips] Taylor and Viola [Phillips] Dontal, in addition to my direct ancestor, his second wife Louisa Phillips and her daughter Stella Mae Phillips Goering.

From other transcriptions from William Henry Phillips' extensive US Civil War pension pile, includes a signed affidavit of his 2nd wife, Louisa Phillips dated Sept 2, 1921 states "In regard to the correct name of my husband William Phillips, deceased, I have to say that his full name was William Henry Phillips, but he only used William Phillips when he enlisted so by mistake just W. H. has been used. After the war, he used for business purposes just his initials W. H. Phillips." See: US Civil War Pension file of William Phillips, Certificate #243464, Co K 19th Indiana Volunteer.

I have yet to honor my 4th Union Soldier by adding his name as a supplemental to my Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 membership. I've found what I believe are his enlistment papers, but the pension files are still to be researched at the National Archives in Washington, DC.
On a hunch, I turned to the Civil War Collection at Footnote to see if Lewis L. Terry had enlisted in the Union Army from the Missouri. Sure enough, Lewis [sometimes transcribed as Louis] L. Terry was born in Hamilton County, Ohio [yes!] signed his enlistment paper 19 August 1864, and was assigned to Company F of the 43rd Infantry Missouri Volunteers. I'll also look for his full (not compiled) service record, and then do a broad search to determine if there could have been others by the name "Lewis L. Terry" who lived at the same time in the same locality.  See: Lewis L. Terry: Emotional genealogy.

Thanks to Bill West of the West in New England genealogy blog for suggesting this Second American Civil War Blog Challenge.

Happy family tree climbing! 
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  1. Dear Myrtle,

    It seems we are related to the same William Henry Phillips. My husband is the great grandson of Callie Phillips Taylor and John G Taylor. I have sent to the National Archives and gotten the information on William Henry Phillips. If you have anything you would like to share about him or his family after he moved to Iowa I would love to have it. I can share information on Callie's descendants if you are interested.


    Betty Taylor

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