Monday, September 10, 2012

Kansas Memory Project: Congrats to Volunteers on 250,000 images

News today of a big breakthrough at the Kansas Historical Society:

"Congratulations are in order to the visitors, volunteers, and staff who support and work to improve digital access to the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. We now have over 250,000 digital images available on Kansas Memory, which continues to expand since it was created in 2007. Just in the past two months we've added over 26,000 images!" Source: Kansas Memory Blog post 250,000 Images!

ABOVE: Photo from the Kansas Memory project described as "Suffragettes, Topeka, Kansas.
Suffragettes in Governor Walter Roscoe Stubb's automobile, going after the vote in Topeka, Kansas. The women are identified as: (l to r) Laura Clay, President of Kentucky Equal Rights Association; Lucy B. Johnston; Sarah A. Thurston; Helen Eacker; and Stella H. Stubbs. They were all members of the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association.Date: 1912." Accessed 10 Sept 2012]

This amazing effort just goes to show you what volunteers can do to preserve the culture and history of a place. Would that other groups would do this throughout the world, before such precious images are lost to the ages.

While you are visiting the site, be sure to see their page with links about Preserving Documents and Photographs.
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