Thursday, September 27, 2012

What sort of writer are you?

In his post Five Realizations That Helped Me Write Regularly, Joel Gascoine suggests "Delaying an article to 'spend longer with it' usually just means it won't get written." In my opinion, it's best to write like you are talking to someone sitting with you in the room. Then go back and add hyperlinks, citations and at least 1 graphic. 

I think a blog should be content the author provides, not a series of posts with links to content elsewhere. I reserve those "shares" to Twitter and Facebook. I rarely use G+ though I was an early adopter.

I consider a good genealogy blog to have a combination of "how I did it" and "what I learned" to encourage other researchers.

 Our writing should be based on sound research principles, but not so "stuffy" as to put off the newbies. If they could get it from NGSQ and other quarterlies, they would. It takes a long time before people can make sense of those. Genealogy bloggers must encourage scholarly research, but realize we were all newbies once.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. I totally agree. I like the freedom to post on my blog what I feel are pertinent topics that will help other researchers understand the process of doing family history research.