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2012 SHARE a MEMORIES Contest results

CONGRATS to the winners of the 2012 Share a Memory Contest for their originality and creative use of technology. Each entry shared personal stories that are now preserved for future generations. The decisions of the judges are final. NOTE: We were good at not accepting any chocolate bribes whatsoever.


by Vickie Everhart, posted 30 Sept 2012 on the Be Not Forgot Blog
TYPE OF SHARE: Picasa Slide show created from MyCanvas printed book
JUDGES COMMENTS: LOVE the bulletted list explaining each image in the slide show. Great info with links to FindAGrave and online photo albums with more info about the folks in the presentation.


by Dixie Petty, via her Facebook page.
""Back in the Day" photo: "In the early 1940s before WW II started, Albert Petty, Sr. (Buddy), bought a combination service station and family home in Nelliburg. The front was a small store with a service station. The rest of the building was a two bedroom home. "
TYPE OF SHARE: Photo and lengthy commentary from a series of Facebook postings where Dixie shares a vintage photo and the stories that come to mind when viewing it.
JUDGES' COMMENTS: We particularly like the old cars and filing station photo. Makes the 21st century cars look uninspired by comparison.


by Shelley Bishop, posted 26 Sept 2012 in A Sense of Family Blog
TYPE OF SHARE: Blog with vintage photos, memories of weekends at Buckeye Lake.
JUDGES' COMMENTS: Logical progression of text and photos for us to follow along and get the whole story even though we weren't there.

MY CHILDHOOD ROOM - Pink, Pink, My Share a Memory Post by M. Diane Rogers, posted 26 Sept 2012 in the Canada Genealogy, or "Jane's Your Aunt" BlogTYPE OF SHARE: Blog with personal recollections, photos of pics on the wall, and the floor plan of her room.JUDGES' COMMENTS: Not sure what the "smoking table" is doing in your bedroom, but oh, how we'd like to see something like this for our Rev War ancestors' homes.

The winners have been notified by email, and will receive their prizes shortly.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Thank you for hosting this contest, Carrie and Pat. This was a fun opportunity.
    (Don't worry, I've never ever ever been a smoker. But the little cupboard where my great uncle must have kept his tobacco and papers was a neat place to hide a few childhood treasures. And just the right height and size to hold a lamp and a book.)