Wednesday, October 03, 2012 Canada Voters Lists 1905-1980

Remember back when I was attempting to obtain membership to via the Canadian site? Well, apparently that put Ol' Myrt on an email list for Canada, and here is one of the latest bits of news:

"Introducing the newest Canadian collection on Ancestry.caCanada Voters Lists, 1935-1980 contains over 80 million records including all registered Canadian voters across 15 federal elections. With records up to the recent date of 1980, this collection captures elections of Mackenzie King, Diefenbaker and Trudeau.
As voters lists were created during various election years, they make useful Canada Census substitutes and contain information such as name, address, electoral district and occupations.
Canada Voters Lists is our newest and largest collection to date and the one that may help you discover more of your family’s story."

Happy family tree climbing!
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