Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Evidentia: Source-centric genealogy software

Hmmm... a research-based genealogy software that "guides you through the Genealogical Proof Standard"? There is now a call for BETA testers.

"The installer is working and the Copyright has been filed, so its time to start recruiting BETA testers for Evidentia!

If you think this genealogy software might be for you, and you have time and are willing to be an early ‘guinea pig’, use the contact form to send me an email. You will get an early release copy of Evidentia for feedback purposes, and a chance to influence the future of the application!
BETA testing will start by mid November, and tutorial videos will be available to assist in your experience.
Sign up now and be part of something new!!!"

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. Hi Myrt,
    Looks interesting, is this software Mac compatible?
    Dave Lucey

  2. I have no idea. Let's do the BETA and find out. :)

  3. Hi Myrt! Thanks so much for the assistance in getting Beta testers. I was overwhelmed by the response.

    (You can stop now! )

    And Yes, the software is Mac compatible and will roll out with the PC version on day one!


  4. Also from Ed: "Good news for Mac users: I purchased a used iMac off Craigslist last night and Evidentia works fine. I will be able to do full builds on the iMac, so downloading/installing Java is no longer a requirement (no harm, just not required.

    Thank you for your patience."