Tuesday, October 09, 2012

FindMyPast: October Family History Month

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Our friends at FindMyPast.com are furthering their interest in US genealogy research. Please address all inquiries to support@FindMyPast.com.

Happy Family History Month from findmypast.com! To celebrate our favorite month of the year, findmypast.com has compiled the following advanced search tips to help your readers uncover their storied pasts and keep growing their family trees. 
Expert tips from renowned genealogist D. Joshua Taylor include:
·         Re-Examine your findings - Sometimes the answer to a question is waiting in records you have already discovered. Take time to analyze your findings and give everything another look.
·         Locate the Original Record - In some cases you might be looking at a transcription or abstract made from an original record. While every effort is made to ensure transcriptions are accurate, it is essential to examine a copy of the original record.
·         Search collateral lines - Focusing your search on an ancestor’s siblings often yields additional records that benefit your research.
·         Participate in a DNA Study - The science of DNA analysis can have great benefits for genealogists. Many individuals participate in DNA surname studies which combine genealogical research and DNA results to prove relationships between individuals and potential origins of particular surnames or groups.
·         Search for printed resources - There are thousands of records not yet available online that include important information for family history research. Printed resources include printed genealogies, local histories, record transcriptions and abstracts, and other materials. Search for these materials in libraries and other repositories through WorldCat to locate sources close to your own home.
Findmypast.com has also created a dedicated landing page findmypast.com/content/family-history-month with a downloadable family tree and downloadable family history questionnaire. Throughout the month Findmypast.com will be sharing daily tips on Facebook for genealogists and family historians. Facebook fans also have access to Facebook badges denoting their ancestry.

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