Wednesday, November 07, 2012

AMD Tech: iPad mini, hotspots, social media stats (oh my)

Tidbits of technology-related info that came Across Myrt's Desk today:

Why I'm Returning My iPad Mini, guest post by Rocky Agrawal on 7 Nov 2012 at Ol' Myrt's reaction? A quirky explanation by a guy who admits he owns stock in Apple, Google and Microsoft. Read more at

Which Devices use wi-fi hotspots the most? Not laptops... posted by Kevin C. Tofel 7 Nov 2012 at Ol' Myrt's reaction? Not surprising, as technology becomes increasing more mobile. Read more at

10 Social Media Statistics that will blog your mind posted by Megan O'Neill 7 Nov 2012 at Ol' Myrt's reaction? News to me: "10. Generations Y and Z consider email passé and some universities have even stopped distributing email accounts."

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