Friday, November 16, 2012

More breakthroughs using World Vital Records

And why word-for-word transcriptions are essential. (she says humbly!)

Last week I mentioned a breakthrough in research using Since then additional items have come to light. Now I've been pouring through the site just looking at newspaper records. In the last fifteen minutes Ol 'Myrt has discovered:

Report of the Liberal Primaries appearing on unnumbered page (image 5) of the Daily Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, October 13, 1893, where my paternal great-grandfather was elected a representative in the 21st District of the Third Ward. The entry for the third precinct reads: "Complete Delegations Elected from this Lively Section. The caucuses were well attended and the returns were prompt. Results are as follows [...] Twenty-Second Ward. H. E. Booth was chosen chairman, W. P. Miner, secretary. Judges, Alma O. Player, Fred Harvey, Ainsworth Wentworth. Delegates, S. Galeazzi, J. Tobin, R. Growton, Alma O. Player, Fred Harvey, EH. E. Booth, Jerry Greenwood."

Here's why TRANSCRIBING word-for-word is mission critical. I completely missed a second mention of my paternal great-grandfather until I was typing up this blog post. Keep in mind:

1. I am an active genealogy researcher.
2. I read the newspaper article online.
3. I cropped out this portion of the newspaper report.
4. I had underlined in red the second mention of Alma O. Player. 
5. But Ol' Myrt here completely missed the earlier notation that Great-grandpa Alma would serve not only as a delegate but as a judge for his voting precinct..

I also also discovered:

The obituary for my paternal great-grandfather, Alma O. Player from page 27 of the Thursday, 28 Nov 1925 Morning Salt Lake Tribune where it reads: "Alma O. Player died at the residence, 622 Grant Street, Wednesday, of heart disease. He was born in Salt Lake, December 12, 1861 [1862]. Surviving are two sons Warner Player  of Sacramento, Cal. and Shirley Player, of Seattle, Wash. and four daughters, Mrs. Lucile Roach, Mrs. Ethelyn Burton, Mrs. Nora Richardson and Miss Mabel Player, all of Salt Lake. Mr. Player was engaged in general contracting work for years as an employee of F. J. Moran and was also for a long time a building inspector for the city.

Wedding Announcement for my Dad's Aunt Mabel Player, daughter of Alma Oades and Mary Elizabeth (Wright) Player who married Dr. William Seare, son of Mrs. Rose A. Seare. This appeared on page 4-B in the Ogden Standard Examiner on Sunday 23 April 1933 and references a marriage performed by  my childhood friend Jane (Johnson) Neilson's grandfather James E. Talmage. (Small world isn't it?) Apparently the wedding took place on the previous Friday, 21 April 1933.

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