Wednesday, November 07, 2012

URGENT: Growing your genealogy society

How's your local genealogy society doing? Is it growing or are members just "dying out" or "moving on"? If you've been listening to anything coming from, Curt Witcher, D. Joshua Taylor, or Thomas MacEntee in the past two years, you know your society has got to change the way it is doing business or face closing down.

Across Myrt's Desk today comes the following:

6 Reasons Facebook and Twitter Are More Important Than a Website posted by John Burke 5 Nov 2012 at Ol' Myrt's reaction? Take note of item #4 Your Customers are already on social media. "Often times, customers will take their discussions to places they are more familiar with. Instead, a simple Twitter hashtag or link to a Facebook Page can encourage customers (and potential customers) to talk about your brand — and learn about you in a way they’re already accustomed to.

Additionally, presence on social media gives you the potential to reach the entire network’s audience." 

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