Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A torch lighting ceremony is in order

Long story short - This is a big day for genealogy research in our family.] 

Tonight my daughter Carrie Smith Keele of www.NotYourMothersGenealogy.com gives her first live solo genealogy presentation. I couldn't be prouder, more proud, jazzed, or thrilled (read that excited and happy). Many of my DearREADERS know how much fun Carrie and Ol' Myrt here have doing webinars together. We also co-presented earlier this fall at a small regional all-day conference. Carrie's younger, fresh approach is spunky and fun. Tonight's event marks the official passing of the GeneaTorch. 

Genealogists hope and pray one of their descendants take up the ancestral quest, that our work will not be thrown to the wayside. After Carrie's bold statement of commitment to family history research last winter, I wondered just how far into genealogy she'd go. Carrie pressed forward through our 40+ hour scanning project, maneuvered the twists and turns learning how to use our genealogy software, and plunged headlong into online and microfilm original document research, focusing on her father's side of the family.

Better yet, it is evident from our conversations Carrie is moving beyond easy-peasy census records studying other record groups that have survived for a given area. She discusses the conclusions she has drawn based on information gleaned from old documents and demonstrates an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of her research. She asks my advice about those conclusions and I've invited her to compose a proof argument so she can remember how she arrived at her conclusions.

Carrie quickly realized no single document provides the information she seeks. Cobbling together an understanding of family relationships from multiple documents, Carrie voices concerns over the reliability of each informant's point of view. I discuss with her the concepts of inferential genealogy, kinship determination, learned from Thomas Jones, CG. Elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard are creeping into her vocabulary. (Yippie!)

What really gets me is Carrie's ENTHUSIASM. It is that infectious joy of doing genealogy that she will share with tonight's audience.

Way to go, Carrie!


Laura A. DeGrazia , CG, "Skillbuilding: Proof Arguments," OnBoard 15 (January 2009): 1-3.

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt     :)
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