Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taking up fly-by-night genealogy

Randy Seaver over at GeneaMusings challenged us to share our genealogy-related Christmas gifts in his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What Did Santa Bring You? blog post.

He kinda looks like
Santa, doesn't he?
My personal Santa, AKA Mr. Myrt, gave me a simple airplane puzzle with a manila enveloped attached. OK, Mr. Myrt loves puzzles so I graciously accepted the gift realizing he would reap the benefit of the puzzle work.

But the attached note was Mr. Myrt's real gift.


Specifically  to fly between the quarry with the Temple Granite Historical Monument and the Salt Lake Temple following the path wagons took carrying the cut granite to the job site. The construction of the edifice plays such an important part in my personal and family history. Charles Warner Player was a stone cutter on the Salt Lake Temple. His father, William Warner Player was the stone setter who placed the cornerstone of the original Nauvoo Temple, and worked a short time in his later life on the Salt Lake Temple.

MAP: Courtesy of Google Maps.

LEGEND: The RED map pin marks the Salt Lake Temple, and the PURPLE map pin marks the location of the Temple Granite Quarry Historical Monument.

So I said "fly-by-night" but we'll probably make this unique trip during the day so I can take it all in. Thank-you, sweetheart, for a thoughtful gift of family history!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Knowing how much a gift like this would mean to you, I think it is very romantic of him!

    1. Yes, very romantic, Sheri! He is also garnering a lot of Brownie points taking care of Ol' Myrt here with the flu!