Tuesday, December 18, 2012

US Civil War: Scots served on both sides

"From Edinburgh was Col Robert A Smith, of the 10th Mississippi. The 26-year-old was wounded leading a charge at the Battle of Munfordville in 1862 and later died. As the US prepares for another year of milestone anniversaries - including one for the landmark Battle of Gettysburg - Mr Mackie's search for names continues."


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  1. Do you have contact information for Mr Mackie? I came across this man in another search. I don’t know quite how he connects with my brother-in-law’s family but he deserves to be remembered.
    Daniel McNeilage was born July 15, 1820 in Campbelltown, Argyll, Scotland and died April 6, 1862 in the battle of Shiloh, Shiloh, Tennessee. I first noticed Daniel McNeilage while searching for Lamonts in Cincinnati city directories. He was boarding with Roger Lamont. Roger’s mother’s maiden name was McNeilage.
    In the 1850 census he is a tailor boarding in Oquawka, Henderson, Illinois. In 1860 he is married with a wife and two children living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a house painter.
    He and Roger Lamont’s nephew Thomas J. Lamont enlisted on September 17, 1861. Daniel enlisted as a Corporal, Thomas as a Private. On 20 Nov 1861they enlisted in Company G, Illinois 45th Infantry Regiment. Daniel was killed on April 7, 1862 at Shiloh, TN. Thomas was injured in the same battle but survived.
    In 1870 his widow is living in the Winnebago County Poor Farm and their son is living with another family as a farm hand. I don’t know what happened to the daughter. The Lamonts lived in Rockford, Winnebago County also

    1. Dear Alison, I'd write to the author of the article, since he is the one who interviewed the good Reverend.
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    2. John W. McNeilage, son of Daniel McNeilage and Jane Ann West, began living with Jeannett Trotter and her husband George Griffiths in January 1868 (Winnebago Co., IL).
      The pension papers state that John was never bounded out, but stayed voluntarily until he went to Black Hawk, Iowa about 1879 for a few years. He returned to Winnebago Co., and married Agnes Halley (daughter of David Halley, cousin to Jeannett Trotter Griffiths); date of marriage: 1 Jan 1883; Owen Township, Winnebago Co. They had two children (Robert Daniel and John Sutherland). Agnes died 1894 in Milwaukee, WI and is buried in Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL. John married secondly to Laura Sohner in 1897 (interestingly, Laura's sister, Harriet, married John's Halley brother-in-law- Edward R. Halley).

      Jeannett never had children. When she died in SD in 1927, she left John W. McNeilage the same amount as she did her nephews ($200). In 1896, she traveled to Rockford, apparently to visit him.

      I have widow's pension papers file on Jane Ann's behalf in 1882. Rev. Thomas Lamont and James Lamont provided affidavits attesting to the fact that John was the son of Daniel. The papers state that five children were born to Jane and Daniel- four died in infancy, but the names were not listed. Only one child survived: John W. McNeilage, born August 30, 1853 in Wisconsin.

      Per the pension papers: Daniel McNeilage and Jane Ann West were married in Marshall County, West Virginia on June 18, 1848 by "James Jefferson, a regularly licensed minister of the Gospel."

      According to the papers, Jane Ann went insane upon hearing of her husband's death. She and John W. both went to live at the Poor House in 1862. Jane remained insane and died in 1890.

      Re: McNeilage
      In Pension papers, John W. McNEilage stated he had been part of an estate in which his father’s brother died intestate in Scotland. Only one McNeilage in Argyll:
      John MacNeilage, mashman at Campbeltown, born 1814; died Sept. 4, 1881. I have a copy of the inventory of his estate, but not the distribution.
      In looking for parentage of John MacNeilage of Campbeltown who had a brother named Daniel born 1820, I could find only one in ScotlandsPeople- which has copies of the actual papers:
      Robert McNeillage and Margaret McEachran had four known children baptized in Campbeltown:
      Margaret, January 6, 1813
      John, April 1, 1814,
      Margaret (first one must have died) March 7, 1818
      Daniel, July 17, 1820

      John W. McNeilage died July 6, 1919 in Winnebago co., IL

      I would like to share info on the McNeilage/Lamont family. They aren't related to "my" family, but he was like a child to Jeannett, and his story is so compelling. reatrotter@gmail.com