Sunday, December 16, 2012

Webinar: Mondays With Myrt Episode 6 archived

Thank-you to both Marian Pierre-Louis and my cousin Russ Worthington for holding down the fort at "Mondays with Myrt" the newsy, free form sort of genealogy webinar. Here's the link to viewing the recorded webinar via the internet:

Here's the link to download the webinar:

Feel free to share this with your geneafriends.

Mondays With Myrt - Episode 6, recorded 26 Nov 2012

HOST: Russ Worthington
CO-HOST: Marian Pierre-Louis

Russ' blogs:

Marian's blogs: 

RootsMagic 6 has been released was discussed, including Randy Seaver's post Exploring RootsMagic6. See also Randy's posts:
How to organize your paperwork? See  "Mary Hill's System is in Familysearch LEARN section in a tutorial and handout to access." and

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