Thursday, January 31, 2013

FamilySearch and OCLC's mega catalog plans

How about taking the catalog of the world's largest genealogy library and add that to OCLC, the collection of 74,000 library catalogs from 70+ countries, and you've got the best thing for family historians since the invention of the Internet. Well, that's just what was announced today:

OCLC and FamilySearch partnership will combine resources for richer genealogy research experience

"This combination of genealogical and bibliographic resources will be of enormous benefit to librarians and library users as well as genealogists," said Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO. "OCLC and FamilySearch are organizations with similar goals—to connect people to knowledge and information through cooperation. We look forward to working with FamilySearch." 

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Very interesting, Myrt. OCLC's headquarters are only a couple of miles from my home. This sounds like a great partnership, and a good deal for both organizations. Thanks for sharing the news!