Sunday, January 27, 2013

Follow-up on Picasa and GeeksOnTour

There's a lot of buzz about the photo organizing, editing and sharing program Picasa, provided free by Google. GeneaFriend Becky Jamison reminded me of a great web resource for learning about all sorts of tech topics including Picasa, by a wonderful team called GeeksOnTour. Here's the link to the library of online videos about Picasa:

Remember, our Picasa Facial Recognition webinar is coming up on 11 February? By then Ol' Myrt here plans to have reviewed all the Picasa videos at GeeksOnTour located at Yes, you have to join this service. It's $58 a year. If I were to take a full-fledged Picasa class at my local community college, you can bet it would cost more. But with the $58 annual fee at GeeksOnTour, I have access to notonly all the Picasa classes but to 190 other videos on other topics of interest to genealogists such as Google Maps, Blogger, Droid Smartphones, Facebook, and the basics of Windows.

Between them, Chris Guld and her husband Jim are certified instructors specializing in topics such as Microsoft, network administration, web design and building, and RVing. Way back in 2003 they started with a dream. Along the way they picked up acknowledgement from subscribers and from high-powered type like See: Running a Subscription Website from the Road by David F. Carr.

GeeksOnTour has a blog, where Chris writes a Picasa post each week, and this is the link to the top 2012 Picasa blog posts.

In fact Ol' Myrt here thinks you will like GeeksOnTour so well, that you'll want to add the blog to your Google Reader. Here's the URL:

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  1. Thank you for an excellent article, Pat!

  2. Dear Myrtle! Thanks so much for the mention of Geeks on Tour. We do love Picasa … and Blogger … and Facebook … and Dropbox … and … well, just about anything for personal/fun/travel use of technology. And, we are seeing more and more how it applies to genealogists.

    1. Hiya Chris. How about joining me one of these days in a live webinar -- Mondays with Myrt. Folks would get a big kick out of meeting you.

      I see you have many SRQ events on your calendar and assume you are based in Florida. I used to live in Bradenton. Small world.