Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting published - Erica did it!

One of our Mondays with Myrt regulars, Erica, has accomplished what most genealogists plan to do eventually -- publish a family history. Interestingly she has chosen as her publisher. This is a trustworthy "print on demand" publisher, meaning the book you order is printed immediately after someone orders order it. That saves Erica from purchasing a large inventory and distributing the books herself. Using, Erica can readily add the option for this book to be available in digital format. It's just a click of the mouse.

The other significant point about Erica's project is that it isn't a comprehensive family history, but focuses on one portion of her grandfather's life. Erica writes "I got to thinking you'd probably like an update on the Christmas present I made for my family this year. Last year was the quilt book, this year is a book on the Bulls Bridge Power Plant (including my grandfather's 1912 photos) and Dakin family history."

Ol’ Myrt here likes the idea of breaking down the family history writing project into manageable “books”.

IMAGE: Page 8 from Erica's book.

Wonderful accomplishment, Erica. 

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Thanks for sharing Erica's story. Good point about choosing to publish a story focusing on one aspect of the family history, rather than a comprehensive project. That's one way to insure getting the project done: set a beginning and ending limit.