Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On-Site Research New England: an amazing podcast

Looks like Marian Pierre Louise has a new hit podcast on her hands with the announcement of On-site Research New England. The first show is already archived and available on her new website

Click to listen: ORNE 001 – Microtext at the NEHGS - Episode 1

ORNE = On-Site Research New England (the name of the new radio show.)
NEHGS = New England Historic Genealogical Society
NOTE: You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts. Just turn up your computer speakers.
Marian takes us with her on her actual commute to the Society's library. This segment of the podcast includes info about how to get the the library - by air, rail, car, and walking from the nearest "T" stop. You can hear the commuter rail sounds in the background, lending a "you are there" feel to the broadcast. In this interview NEHGS staffer Rhonda McClure provides an real-life tour of the microtext department with tips for a successful visit to the 4th floor. There is specific info for Connecticut research, including what's not included in the Barbour Collection at Ancestry or in the printed books from Genealogical Publishing Company and elsewhere. Rhonda explained Barbour didn't index the vital records in a town where there was already a publication in print. Some folks think the Barbour and the Hale collections are a complete index to all vital records for Connecticut towns, when in fact that is not true. There is specific info about using the NEHGS Library online catalog to see what's available. 
Ol' Myrt particularly likes that as Marian is asking Rhonda "What's in this cabinet?" and you can hear Rhonda actually opening the draw as she discusses the collection at hand. You can also hear other library patrons in the background. AWESOME idea, amazingly helpful for those planning to use this section of the library.

BRAVO Marian! Keep up the great work.

Happy family tree climbing!
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