Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Ceramic cow

Oh the memories this cow-shaped milk jug brings to mind! When Ol' Myrt was a little girl, long ago during the previous century, we went on several trips with our Grandma Frances  to Long Beach, Washington during summer vacation. We stayed in a rooming house, the type now affectionately called a bed and breakfast. Here we ate with other visitors in the main dining room or sometimes in the large kitchen, since Grandma was personal friends with the owners. That's where I first saw a ceramic "milk cow".

Making our breakfast this morning, I pulled out my version of the ceramic cow. Mr. Myrt listened patiently as I dreamed about and shared some of my wonderful childhood memories. It occurs to Ol' Myrt here that unlike other items I might preserve with an online service such as The Heirloom Registry, this ceramic cow isn't an heirloom. It was purchased simply for the memories it invokes.

PHOTO: Frances Irene Goering circa 1923.
Original in possession of the author.

If I were to pass away, my children would remember the ceramic cow from their childhood days, and might even go so far to think (incorrectly) this cow may have once been their great-grandma Frances' ceramic cow.

What precautions are you making to label your family heirlooms?

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