Friday, January 11, 2013

Updated MyHeritage Mobile App

Ol' Myrt is reviewing her 60+ pages of homework prior to attending Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy next week, so I haven't had time to try out the updated mobile app. However, in a personal email from Daniel Horowitz, the website's chief genealogist, I received the relevant links to share with my DearREADERS.

"Just wanted to let you know that we’ve released a new version of the free MyHeritage app (v2.0) that lets you "edit on the go". If you're already using the app this makes it easier to add info at family reunions, libraries, photos and basically help you enhance your family tree wherever you are. The ability to edit your family tree compliments existing features: create a family tree from scratch, search for records, share photos and more."
If you're not already a user you can download from

As smart phones and tablets take on increasing importance among genealogists, the question of reliable mobile apps comes into focus. I look forward to hearing from my DearREADERS as you experiment with this mobile version of MyHeritage.

Happy family tree climbing!
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