Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's "Trend-Driven" Content?

You may have noticed Ol' Myrt here scheduling my workshop webinars only a few weeks in advance. This is by design.

Most genealogy webinar organizers have set their 2013 calendars and provided great genealogy  topics to aid in your personal educational goals. I am amazed by the quality webinar presenters gathered by Southern California Genealogical Society, and by Geoff Rasmussen over at Legacy Family Tree. Illinois State Genealogical Society is also an active webinar organizer. New arrivals include the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society; they are just getting their webinar calendar organized for members and guests. Individuals like Michael John Neill are providing great content at a minimal cost. You'll find these scheduled events and more at, the place with the "centralized" genealogy webinar calendar.

Labeled a "newsy, across Myrt's desk" sort of workshop webinar my Mondays with Myrt Workshop Webinar provides a round up of news items, and one session of problem solving each Monday morning. The link to register are found at the centralized calendar.

Lately, Myrt has noticed postings on Facebook, G+ and Twitter, where folks have questions about a particular topic: "How does this work?" and "Do you know about that?"

That's motivated me to rethink how to schedule DearMYRTLE Workshop Webinars.

In fact there is no one in the genealogy genre who is presenting webinars on "trending" topics within a week or so of the expressed need. We used to call this scheduling on an "as needed" basis.

Ol' Myrt here will schedule trending-driven content webinars perhaps no more than a month out, based on "trends" I notice among genealogists using a variety of social media services. Again, the links to register for DearMYRTLE webinars is found at the centralized calendar.

As such, Myrt's got the following webinars in the pipeline:

  • 2-session What's Evidentia? with two presenters - 28 Jan and 4 Feb
  • 1-session on Meta-Data is your friend with two presenters - 7 Feb
  • 1 session webinar on Facial Recognition and Ancestor Photos with one presenter - 11 Feb
  • a multi-session series based on Tom Jones' upcoming workbook titled Mastering Genealogical Proof to include several professional genealogists on the panel, and homework every week. Yes, this will be a challenging series. - Set to begin 17 Mar, but subject to change once the book is published.

Because Ol' Myrt's workshop are "trend-driven" you'll want to follow my blog for details, and check the centralized calendar.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. I appreciate trend driven content! Thank you for not planning too far in advance!

  2. Great idea. Of course, I have to agree -- I do the same thing for tax-related education.

    Dave L