Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Archived: Metadata is Your Friend Webinar

Last Thursday Denise Barrett Olson, of Moultrie Creek Books and Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers and Hi-Definition Genealogy hit one out of the ball park by demystifying metadata and demonstrating its use for genealogists on several levels:

  • tagging the image - it certainly isn't a watermark!
  • look into Flickr as a way to share images

You'll find the link to the Windows Media File over in the DearMYRTLE Archives:

Here's the direct link:

Denise B. Olson * Moultrie Creek
St. Augustine, Florida * 904-347-1154 * Twitter: @moultriecreek

Thomas MacEntee
Founder, High-Definition Genealogy

Paperport or Yap (Mac)
PhotoGene for iPad is $2.99 in the app store

Digital Images and Genealogy-Rideau

Labelling digital photos

Comparison of Metadata Editors

Happy family tree climbing!

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  1. Sharing images on Flickr strikes a nerve for me today. A friend lost her home to a fire yesterday. I realized how she had saved photos in albums and framed on walls for her family. All gone now. I woke up this morning realizing two things. One is that I took photos of her framed birth-to-kindergarten pictures of her five kids and I need to find them on my hard drive even though they aren't the best resolution because they might be all she has. The other was how important it is to save my own photos to my Flickr account. Sometimes doing my own family history takes a back seat to my paying work. That may not be good.

  2. I've started to watch this on my Mac Pro in both Safari and Firefox and don't hear any sound - up to 7:19 has been silent so far.

    In general, .wmv files are problematic on Mac OS X - there is a plugin that supposedly plays them, which I have, but there seems to be no sound associated.

    I'm also downloading the file to see if once I have the entire file it might play - that's going to take another 50 minutes yet - it's a slow download.

  3. An update...

    The file that I downloaded to my computer works - after I upgraded the Flip4Mac player to version 3.

    With the new Flip4Mac plugin V 3 now installed, it plays in Safari just by clicking the link above here.

    It still has no sound when played in Firefox, even after the upgrade of the Flip4Mac player.

    Is there any possibility to have these in some other more universal format like .mp4


    1. The .mp4 will be a little more than twice as large. I opted for the smaller windows media file.

    2. The .mp4 file will be much less trouble for Mac users.

      And it seems trying it now, the .wmv won't play on iOS. Googling tells me that it won't play without the addition of some other 3rd party software. An mp4 or m4v would work.