Saturday, February 02, 2013

Evidentia Homework Hangout is LIVE on YouTube

WELL, we DID it! We held a successful Google Hangouts On Air (HOA) with many attendees, and a lot more active participants than we usually have using the platform.

Thanks to the marvelous folks at Google, the archived version of our Hangout was placed automatically in my DearMYRTLE YourTube Channel. You may also view the recording here:

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  1. It was fun, informative, and interesting - a hard combination to beat!

  2. Dear MYRTLE (and cousin),

    What a great time we had ! Thanks to Google for having this technology available to us and Thanks to Ed, the Evidentia Developer to help us learn his product.

    What I liked most, about the new format (Webinar to Google+ Hangout On Air), besides the benefits you have mentioned, is the Collaboration that the Hang Out(ers) provided to the group. I think its the platform for more interaction with the attendees to your online presence.

    Back to my homework.

    Thank you,


  3. This was just fabulous! I'm truly sorry I wasn't there [sorry, but my grand nephews & niece come before all else].

    I had the same challenge with Parent/Child as everyone else!! It was great to hear other people's concerns and I love that everyone is analyzing before we even get to the 'Analyze Evidence' screen. It's a terrific lesson that I'm taking away from all this: slow down. Heh. We need a new one of those 'Stay Calm' signs that says 'Stay Calm and Catalog Your Claims'

    Thank you, Myrt, for pulling this together; thank you, Ed, for making a really cool piece of software, and thank you, thank you, Russ, for seeing the value in my post and asking me if I wanted to discuss it.


  4. Dear MYRTLE,

    I just posted a "How to Create a Citation Template" on my blog.


  5. Outstanding Hangout!

    I am hoping that you consider doing 3 or 4 more Evidentia "homework" sessions with Ed. It would be very helpful if Ed did a series of "live case studies" using pre-selected documents. You could follow that with an open discussion with attendees regarding their approaches to entering data for the assignment as well as their rationale and methodologies for those decisions.


    Class 1 - Birth Record - Church [microfilm]
    Class 2 - Death Certificate [copy from court]
    Class 3 - Original Bible Record [original]
    Class 4 - Census Record (two households on same page!) [ image]

    Thank you for introducing us to this fabulous new tool.

    Kate Johnson
    Buffalo and Denver

  6. I wasn't able to attend the Google+ Evidentia Homework Hangout on Saturday, but I am now watching it on youtube. I had a question- When people share their computer screen, the quality is very bad. The text is very fuzzy and I cannot read it. Is that just on my end? Do I need to do something that would help? Thanks so much for all you do.