Friday, February 01, 2013

Evidentia1 archived and homework assistance

Here's the link to Monday evening's What's Evidentia? Workshop Webinar featuring Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana and Russ Worthington as they explain how to use this document analysis software, mixed in with a little theory.. Hopefully you've made some progress with our homework assignment to enter some data in this document analysis program.

What's Evidentia? - Session 1, a DearMYRTLE Workshop Webinar

These are the links we mention during the webinar:

Since our first Evidentia session, Laura has written another post with screen shots of what was discussed during the webinar.

Ol' Myrt here will host a "Google + Hangout On Air" (webinar) on Saturday at 3pm Eastern US. The exact directions for attending will follow in the next blog post. Clue: you'll want tojoin the DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community to receive notice of DearMYRTLE G+ Hangouts. This is where you can see the Event notice, and receive the announcement with the clickable link once the Hangout goes live.

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