Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Evidentia2 Webinar is Archived

Last night's What's Evidentia? Session 2 is ready for your viewing and study. Remember this file downloads an .mp4 to your computer, and may take some time before starting to play depending on your connection. Thank you to panelists +Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana, +Russ Worthington , +Jenny Lanctot and +Ed Thompson for another marvelous training session.

Here's the link to the uncut .mp4 file:

We're doing the Evidentia Follow Up Hangout On Air on Wednesday 6 February at 9pm Eastern. Here's the link to more info about JOINing or VIEWing the event live:

Please also note we have last Saturday's recorded Evidentia Homework Hangout On Air in the DearMYRTLE YouTube Archive here: http://youtu.be/2SHrVKXIgZA

+Ed Thompson, the developer of Evidentia, posted tutorial videos on YouTube:
  1. Evidentia Introduction Video
  2. Evidentia Getting Started – Part 1 – Document a Source
  3. Evidentia Getting Started – Part 2 – Catalogue Claims
  4. Evidentia Getting Started – Part 3 – Attach Subjects
  5. Evidentia Getting Started – Part 4 – Analyze Evidence
  6. Evidentia – Citation Template Creation

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  1. Opps!

    When I click on the link
    I get:
    404 - Page Not Found

    I'm looking forward to watching Part 2 and attending the Hangout tomorrow night if time permits.

    1. Hmm... the link:

      Works on Mr. Myrt's computer. Remember it IS a huge file to download, as opposed to viewing it online in an html page.