Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HeirloomRegistry: Saving memories in the cloud

What's to keep my daughters from thinking that tiny ceramic milk cow I purchased isn't one I inherited from Grandma Frances? HeirloomRegistry.com. Without it, the memories of ancestors who have owned our real family heirlooms will disappear into thin air. Worse still, without HeirloomRegistry, my descendants will most certainly confuse the real family heirlooms from things I purchased merely because they remind me of objects my ancestors once owned.

I decided to test out HeirloomRegistry.com with this red and white ceramic pitcher that I truly did inherit from my maternal grandmother. It is in perfect condition, except for the tiny chip along the front base in the middle. I'm sure the Antiques Roadshow folks would say this may affect its value, but to me it is priceless.

PHOTO: Taken by the author.

My maternal grandmother, Frances Irene Goering
was born on 22 Aug 1905 in Chariton, Lucas, Iowa. She died on 12 Jan 1974 in Renton, King, Washington. Frances married (1) Lowell Simpson Froman, son of William Gist Froman and Louisa Mae Higgins on 25 Feb 1925. They subsequently lived in Chelan, Washington, and Seattle, King, Washington. By 1940, the marriage ended in divorce. In her later years Frances married (2) Mike A. McDonnell, as pictured below:

Back: Barbara (Froman) Player daughter of Frances (Goering) Froman.
To her left is France's new husband
Mike A. McDonnell, and his twin brother.
Front: Pat (me) and my brother Mike Player, circa 1958
at our home in Laurelhurst, Seattle, King, Washington.

Frances' father was Charles Henry Goering was born on 10 Sep 1876 in Dallas, Marion, Iowa. He died on 5 Nov 1931 at Emporia, Lyon, Kansas. He married Estelle Mae Phillips on 23 May 1900 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa. Estelle was born on 30 Nov 1876 in that same city. She died on 11 Sep 1921 in Olathe, Johnson, Kansas and is buried at the Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Marion, Iowa. From Estelle's death certificate and from information provided by Frances, the cause of death are known as rose cancer, breast and liver cancer. Names, dates and death bed statement are extracted from the Goering Family Bible, in posession of the author. PHOTO: Original in possession of the author.

Here's how HeirloomRegistry.com works:

1. Order "stickers" from HeirloomRegistry.com.

2. Affix the HeirloomRegistry.com sticker to an inconspicuous place on the heirloom.

3. Take a picture(s) of your heirloom - no larger than 5mb. (I had to resize mine, since my camera's default is significantly larger.)

3. Go to HeirloomRegistry.com and log in.

4. Click to add an heirloom.

5. Fill in the blanks to describe the provenance of the heirloom and upload the pic. See the screen shot below of my entry featuring Grandma Frances Irene (Goering) Froman McDonnel's small red and shite ceramic pitcher. Though I only uploaded 1 picture, there is space to upload multiple views of each heirloom.

It is possible to make the registry item private, but to Ol'Myrt this defeats the purpose of HeirloomRegistry.com.

"Be it a flour sifter, slide rule, quilt or grandfather clock, preserve the story of your precious heirlooms with HeirloomRegistry.com. It's easy to order the registry stickers, then snap pics and upload to this innovative site. I won't always be around to tell the history of our family pieces. My 8 year old grandson can search by the registry number and read about his 2nd great grandmother's red ceramic pitcher just like that!"
Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Is there a cost? There website isn't clear.

  2. Hi Joe, if you click on "The Marketplace" link at the top of the page, that will take you to our store at www.houstory.com. The direct link is http://www.houstory.com/Heirloom_Registry_s/1477.htm


    Dan, Houstory, Maker of The Heirloom Registry