Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trust no one and carry a big magnifying glass

 Jenny Lanctot, of recent Evidentia webinars and hangouts fame, posted You Can Trust a Genealogist Relative, Right? on her blog Are My Roots Showing? Jenny's answer to that question is well taken on multiple counts:

1. Always revisit another researcher's work before incorporating it into your own.

2. Regarding extracts: What one person thinks is important might not be what you think important.

3.  Without a copy of the original document you cannot be sure the previous researcher, indexer, abstracter or or transcriber didn't make a mistake. We are all human.

4.Transcribe every document word-for-word, even if it is typed, as a prelude to analysis of the claims or inferences that can be drawn from the information provided.

5. The software program Evidentia encourages document analysis. It is all about looking at a document, then analyzing what the document  claims about individuals who may or may not end up being an ancestor. Evidentia summary reports are easily copied and pasted into notes for a specific event or fact in an ancestor's profile in a traditional genealogy management program.

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