Monday, February 04, 2013

What's Evidentia Part 2 Webinar is tonight!

Won't you join us tonight for the second webinar sesson on that new software called EVIDENTIA? We start at 9pm Eastern. If you need a time zone converter, see:

Here's how to connect to tonight's webinar:

1. If you've already registered to attend What's Evidentia? Part 1, you'll automatically receive a reminder from GoToWebinar with your private link to click and join.

2. If you need to register here is the link:

Here's the link to the archived What's Evidentia? Part 1:
(It's a big file to download, so do something else while your computer is doing it's thing.)

Here's the link to the information about viewing the archived version of the Evidentia Homework Hangout on Air held this past Saturday:

Here's information on how you can attend the Evidential Follow-up G+ Hangout on Air: this coming Wednesday at 9pm Eastern:

Happy family tree climbing!
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