Sunday, March 24, 2013

FHISO: Call for Papers

One important meeting at RootsTech 2013 concerned FHISO, the Family History Standards Organisation. They anticipate providing standards, not producing a product. The standards would be adopted by the community of genealogy technology producers so end-users like Ol' Myrt can share her genealogy data (names, dates, notes, images, sources and all) with my cousin Russ, without experiencing scrambled or lost data. Here is FHISO's news:

"2013 Open Call for PapersRealising the Benefits - Community-driven Standards Development Begins Salt Lake City, Utah, USA—Friday, March 22, 2013—Family History Information Standards Organisation, FHISO, has announced its 2013 Call for Papers Initiative (, signaling the commencement of open standards development work. Members of the international genealogy and family history community are invited to submit written proposals as contributions to the FHISO standards development process. “Modern standards development work is dynamic and deliberate,” said Robert Burkhead, FHISO Technical Standing Committee Coordinator and Acting Chair.  “The result will be inclusive; it will be effective. It begins here. It begins with you and your participation.” “For the first time, the proposals will be published to the benefit of all stakeholders making up the international community,” said Tony Proctor (UK), FHISO Organiser. “Collectively, the proposals will give rise to comments, member working groups and project teams. The information standards developed from this process will better support how we work and how well we work together.” FHISO is a community-driven organisation established for the purpose of developing genealogy and family history information standards on a modern platform that is 
  • Open
  • Multi-stakeholder
  • International
  • Self-governing
  • Balanced
The FHISO work platforms have been developed. A submissions platform for the Call for Papers is available ( As volunteers process the submissions, each will be posted for public viewing and commenting. A dynamic new platform to support working groups and project teams will follow.
It begins here. It begins with you. Become a member of FHISO today ("

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