Tuesday, March 05, 2013

HeirloomRegistry: Myrt's Scavenger Hunt Clue Info

Last week Ol' Myrt here shared her thoughts about HeirloomRegistery.com, and the web service just came up last night during the DearMYRTLE Uncut Hangout On Air when Russ showed the incredible handmade photo quilt, created by his daughter for Christmas a few years back. By registering this and his other family heirlooms at HeirloomRegistry.com, Russ can preserve the provenance of the quilt and other precious family items, including pictures and stories about the original owner.

To build interest in this new service, the Heirloom Registry™ is hosting an online scavenger hunt March 4-10, 2013. It will feature 12 popular family history and antique blogs, three hunts, four prize packages and $500 in giveaway. Here's an orientation video to assist you in your hunt:

Now for the scavenger hunt details:

  • If you’d like to start the scavenger hunt now, Ol' Myrt here suggests you first go to The Houstory Hearth blog’s special Scavenger Hunt Page. There you’ll find information about the hunt, the prizes – and most importantly the list of the other three blogs you’ll need to visit today. 

  • If you already know what you’re doing, here’s the Heirloom Registry ID Code you need to obtain Ol' Myrt's secret word: 

  • If this is your final stop for Hunt No. 2, be sure to submit your entry form with your secret words before Thursday, March 7, 2013 at midnight PST. Instructions for Hunt No. 3 will be posted at the Houstory Hearth at 12 a.m. EST on March 8. 

Happy family tree climbing!
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