Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ol' Myrt's #RootsTech 2013 Experience


I don't know how the folks at RootsTech or elsewhere will pull in the info on Ol' Myrt's impressions of RootsTech 2013, because most of my work is in video interviews, not in nicely typed-blogger format. Does this mean Ol' Myrt here is becoming a video blogger? 

As in years past, I've kept close to the media hub - ready, willing and able to slip into one of the glass-enclosed interview booths whenever there was a spare 5 minutes or so. Thanks to FamilySearch for providing equipment and a full-time camera crew.

This year I've done a lot better getting the videos up for viewing. Here's why:
  • My YouTube account was approved for 15 minute self-produced video interviews. (meaning non-Google+ Hangouts on Air)
  • We upgraded to 4G on our Verizon Wireless
  • I also experimented with HOA interviews. These proved less "beautiful" for both video and audio were lower quality than that provided by the tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment used by the FamilySearch video team.




You can catch these and other DearMYRTLE videos over on my YouTube Channel:

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See you tomorrow for Mondays with Myrt where Russ and I are sure to rehash all things RootsTech 2013 once again! Check the calendar for details about how to attend as a JOINer or a VIEWer. 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Awesome!!! Job well done for all of us unable to attend in person...

    Thanks for the great video blog...From over the pond in Australia...