Monday, May 20, 2013

Help digitize MD State Archives Wills and Archives

Now's your chance to pay it forward! There is a new joint venture between FamilySearch and the Maryland Archives. Beginning in June, FamilySearch will digitize the Wills and Probate Records located at the Archives building in Annapolis. Records from Caroline, Carroll and Baltimore counties will be imaged. Some of these county records span from the mid-1800's to mid 1900's. 

Screen Shot: Maryland State Archives website.

Screen Shot: FamilySearch Maryland Archives Volunteer website.
Gary and Carol Petranek, Co-Directors of the Washington DC Family History Center, are coordinating the volunteer effort for this important project. They are now actively seeking volunteers to help prepare the records for imaging. Training for volunteers will be the first or second week in June, depending on the facility arrangements at the Archives.

A website and email address have been set up for this project:
email address and 

You will see that volunteers are each weekday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm who can work a four-hour shift on a day of their choice at the Archives building at 350 Rowe Boulevard in Annapolis.

If you would like to join this effort,  please email your name, phone number and how you learned about this project to:

Nearby resident genealogists are invited to participate. Invite your friends to be part of this historic preservation project. Take a break from your personal research to pay it forward just as other genealogists have done in the areas where your ancestors once lived. Thank-you!

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  1. Thank you, DearMYRTLE and Dear Friend for posting this! We have some wonderful people who have volunteered, and we are looking for additional help. This is an exciting project and we are honored to be part of it!

  2. I'll have to see what days I can get free. I'd love to help out!