Sunday, July 28, 2013

MGP Study Group - Chapter 4 Panelists' Homework

We have the following homework assignments received from our MGP Study Group Panelists regarding Chapter 4 - Source Citations.

Cary Bright

Jennifer Patterson Dondero

Pam Drake
Click on the folder icon to find the homework.

Sheri Fenley
Scroll down for posting dated 23 July 2013.

Michael Hait, CG
Away at GRIP.

Kathryn Lake Hogan

Chapter 4

Barry Kline

Away at GRIP.

Pat Kuhn

Peggy Lauritzen, AG
Scroll down for Chapter 3.

Lori Meyer

Carol Petranek

Darlene Steffens
Russ Worthington
Cousin Russ compares and contrasts Dr. Jones, Elizabeth Shown Mills and Family Tree Maker census citation forms.

Happy family tree climbing!
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